Thursday, January 11, 2007

Did You Know??

The gossip here in these hills is some of you critters have never been here for a visit.

We 've been looking for you and you just don't know what your missing! All the fun and entertainment these here mountains offer, not to mention the peace and quiet you can find right here at the Beary Blessed Cabin.

To all the mama, papa and baby bears that have visited, we hope the scenes and the news in our buzz blog will bring happy memories and lure you to come back soon. We sure do miss you kind folks and our door is always open for you to come and stay for a spell.

We are all kind of snuggled in for the winter, snow showers they come and they go, I always like hibernation season. It gives me a chance to relax in one of our king beds or sip a cup of hot cocoa by the fireplace.

You can find papa bear kicked back in the recliner zipping through the remote on any one of these 3 TVs with satellite and DVDs that he has.
Now baby bear she likes to color pictures and go into town to play at
Wacky Bear occasionally. As I said our winters are kind of slow and thats the way we like them, but every now and then we like to have company you know, so what are you waiting for, come on by.
Visit us at to see dates we do not have company coming and we would be glad to have you.

We will be stirring about in a few more days, starting to venture out and come down the mountain and munch on the fresh twigs of spring, until then........Sweet Dreams