Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cades Cove Is A Must For All Who Come to the Smokies

Cades Cove is an 11 mile loop one way that leads you through a scenic valley. Throughout this loop you can stop and let yourself drift back into time when life was much simplier. Visit historic cabins, churches tucked here and there and incredible wildlife is all around you. John Cable Mill is at the halfway point of the loop and offers a visitor center, where you can buy stone ground corn that is milled by a the huge water-powered millstone. Learn how food was preserved before the days of refrigeration at Elijah Oliver's spring house or visit one of the finest examples of craftmenship in the sawn log cabin built by Henry Whitehead.

Wide-open fields give you the enjoyment of viewing white-tail deer and beautiful mountains for a backdrop for those who love taking pictures. You may get a chance to see a bear, fox, turkeys or maybe even a wild boar as we did last spring. Maybe you like hiking, then Cades Cove offers you some wonderful trails. You can enjoy the beauty of Abrams Falls and the Cades Cove Nature Trail.

Cades Cove can have very heavy traffic during the summer and fall season. If possible tour Cades Cove on a weekday and arrive early in the morning to avoid delays. Bring your own food and drink, since none is provided on the Loop Road. Restrooms are located at the halfway point along with the Vistors Center. If you have never been through Cades Cove we do recommend purchasing the park's auto tour booklet so you can get a better understanding of the life that was lived in the valley so many years ago.

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