Thursday, April 29, 2010

Relive the Vovage of the Titantic

Pigeon Forge is now home to a new attraction, a giant 30,000-square-foot ship-shaped museum attraction situated on 5.69 acres, which exhibits one of the largest permanent collections of Titanic artifacts and memorabilia. Inside, guests enter a unique world where they can climb an exact replica of the most famous staircase - Titanic's hand-crafted Grand Staircase.

Guests will receive a boarding pass of an actual passenger/crew member. Experience first hand what Third Class and First Class accommodations were like on the ship. Grasp the wheel on the captain's bridge, tap out an SOS message on the ship's wireless system, and feel an iceberg. Plus there is an entire gallery devoted to the young visitors called - Tot-Titanic .

Each guest will believe they are on the Titanic, experiencing first hand what it was like when Titanic set sail on her maiden voyage April 10, 1912. The Titanic museum attraction commemorates the lives of the 2,223 souls who embarked on a voyage into history and tell the compelling story of the memorable events that took place April, 1912, that led to the loss of 1,517 of them.

This new $25 million permanent museum is a half-scale, three-deck reproduction of the Titanic. The museum houses 20 galleries that display hundreds of authentic Titanic artifacts that were carried from the ship and into lifeboats by passengers and crew and those found afloat soon after the ship sunk.

Inside the interactive attraction, visitors find full-size reproductions, built to actual Titanic blueprints, of a first class suite, first class hallways, third class accommodations and an exact reproduction of the grand staircase, the museum’s centerpiece.

Visitors will be able to dip their hands in water the same temperature as the ocean when the Titanic sank. There are plenty of interactive activities including the opportunity to sit inside a lifeboat and hear survivor stories. As guests enter the museum, each will be given a boarding pass of an actual Titanic passenger or crew. At the end of the tour, guests can then learn the fate of those individuals.

Titanic Pigeon Forge
2134 Parkway Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
Toll Free: 1-800-381-7670 Local: (417) 334-9500

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