Friday, March 28, 2014

Museums of the Great Smoky Mountains Area

Did you know there are several museums in the Smokies for your family to enjoy!  Museums activate the mind and cause us to think and gain knowledge and once again the Smokies do not let you down as they have a vast assortment for your enjoyment.  Here is a run down on the list I have put together for you to check out and to help you in knowing which ones your family will definitely want to take in on your visit.

The Titanic lets you spend the day viewing the artifacts from the original ship, walk the grand staircase, take on the role of one of the passengers of the ship and find out at the end of your tour whether you survived or not.   The Titanic Museum offers over 30,000 square feet of family fun that can be enjoyed by all family member young and old, as you learn about the history of one of the most memorable voyages of all time. 

Wax Museum of Hollywood pose for a photo next to your favorite stars! Real Life look a likes take you from back in the past with Elvis and Marilyn Monroe, all the way through to the present with Brad Pitt and Anne Hathaway figures. Your family is sure to enjoy inspecting these life like characters and posing with them.

The Salt & Pepper Museum has over 20,000 salt and pepper shakers (and growing)! Short ones! Tall ones! Cute ones! And small ones! See celebrity ones, or find your favorite cartoon!
Be sure to visit this exciting museum, and go by the gift shop and pick out a pair of unique salt and pepper shakers to take home!

Christ In The Smokies Museum and Gardens will help in bringing the Bible to life for your family. 
Watch the eyes of Jesus as they follow you and see waxed Bible characters come to life through special effects and lighting.  A one of a kind museum that your family will be talking about long after you have left the Smokies.

The Elvis Museum takes you back in time to the 60's & 70's style Rock & Roll and back to the stage with live shows featuring two Elvis impersonators.
Be sure to check out Elvis' 1972 tour jump suit, his guitar, guns, clothing, car, furniture, and so much more!
Be sure to stop by the Elvis gift shops to pick up that souvenir to take home! 

Hollywood Star Cars Museum the 1966 Bat mobile and many more from TV shows and movies can be checked out in these exhibits. Something the men will enjoy and movie lovers will be sure to appreciate.

Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum where you can spend hours rambling through over 500 artifacts of strange oddities.  You can come to your own conclusions as to whether your going to choose to BELIEVE IT OR NOT!

You'll be amazed with some of the most interesting exhibits Gatlinburg has to offer at the Guinness Book Of World Records. View the uniqueness of the goals that have been met and some wax figures of the most unusual people.  You can be inside Noah's Ark or stand beside the tallest man!  Be captivated with the  "real life experience" exhibits the museum has to offer!

Last but not least, Wonderworks an imagination station! Enjoy over 100 exhibits, all interactive!  You can travel upside down on a bike, ride a virtual roller coaster you create yourself and so much more! This is one museum that will flip you upside down...literally! One the kids are going to have a blast at.

My personal favorite was the Titanic, my husband's was the Hollywood Star Cars and my daughters, Wonderworks. There is something for everyone in these unique learning experiences of the Smokies, called museums!

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