Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Winter Life In Early Days of the Smokies

As you can imagine cabin fever was abundant when the long hard winters settled in the nooks and grannies of the Smokies back in the early settler days.  Activities from making music, lessons learned, to stitching, and what they ate during the difficult winters can be learned more about at

In reading the articles and learning more about the history of the Smokies at the Great Smoky Mountain National Park Service site, you will come to love and appreciate the simplicity and beauty of the Smokies in a whole different way.  It is my most favorite site about the Smokies, there is always a wealth of information on this site and the shop is simply awesome for those wanting to learn more in depth about the history, wildlife, and beauty of the Smokies.

We encourage you to take some time and get to the Smokies in a way you never knew.  

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